Latest Trends in Skincare

The beauty of the skincare community is that trends are fluid and adaptable. Some trends make a comeback after decades of slumber while others reflect the contemporary styles. Today, we will explore the current trends of the beauty industry, looking closely at those influencing the western skincare community.


  1. “Skin Minimalism”

The “skin minimalism” trend takes a minimalistic approach to skincare routines. This trend inspires us to use products that can multitask and have a “less is more” mentality. With skincare companies and more individuals choosing sustainable and eco-friendly products, and by using fewer products, consumers can also contribute less waste.

This minimalistic trend in skincare prompts people to find and use products that are more effective in achieving their goals while also inspiring them to embrace their natural beauty. It encourages us to have fewer steps in our routine by using products that serve multiple purposes. Wildflower Skincare Lab offers a range of skincare products that are multifunctional, including Notre Fleur Evening Cream, Mad Scientist Scrub & Butter, and Yellow Elder Toner.

  1. Going “Au Naturel”

Within the skincare community, beauty enthusiasts are increasingly demanding products that use natural and organic ingredients. In this age of information, it is easy to find evidence of the impact that ingredients can have on the body. Therefore, consumers learn more about which ingredients are best for achieving desired results and which ones are safe for their skin type.

Social media influencers are also inspiring this all-natural trend in the skincare community by sharing information and reviews on the significant impact that vitamins and other natural ingredients have on the skin. For example, niacinamide has garnered a lot of attention recently on TikTok and Instagram with countless dermatologists and consumers posting about its many skin benefits.

According to Monica Ademino, Executive Director of Product Development at Orveon, a surprising new trend in the beauty industry is the use of upcycled organic ingredients. She said, “what makes this trend particularly intriguing is its alignment with the growing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Beauty enthusiasts, specifically Gen Z shoppers, are increasingly prioritizing brands that adopt eco-conscious practices, and the integration of upcycled ingredients reflects a commitment to minimizing waste in the beauty industry.”

  1. Being Eco-friendly

In recent years, the consumer demand for environmentally friendly products has increased with more companies making the shift to ethically sourced and eco-friendly packaging. The beauty industry is no exception. Rohan Widdison, CEO of cosmetics manufacturer New Laboratories said, “stricter standards for ingredient transparency, safety, and environmental impact in the cosmetics and personal care industry are a reflection of consumer demand for sustainable, effective, and non-harmful ingredients.

With higher awareness of the impact that our actions have on our environment, Millennials and Gen Z are choosing to lead the way toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. This eco-conscious movement has caused a shift in manufacturing towards developing products and packaging that align with these values.

Wildflower Skincare Lab is a part of this new community with eco-friendly packaging and labels for all their products. Arnica Bloom is a restorative body oil blend that is currently sold in a bamboo bottle while Rest in Paradise is an effective natural insect repellent sold in a glass bottle with a bamboo cover. It is eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Emotional Beauty

With the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic came a realization of the importance of overall well-being and its impact in every aspect of life. During the pandemic, we saw a spike in the number of people considering and speaking on the importance of self-care. Most of us have also found ourselves prioritizing peace and seeking ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and exhaustion.

This led to a new trend called Emotional Beauty or Emo-Beauty. Hayley Dawes, founder of Dreem Distillery Ltd said, “Emotional beauty is about the mind and body connection, routines and rituals, the ability to achieve harmony between your mind, body and soul.” Emotional beauty fuses the act of skincare with mindful rituals to connect the feeling of beautifying the body with evoking the desired mood/emotion.

This can look like practicing mindfulness in the morning and/or evening when doing a skincare routine. Anne Murray, a registered aromatherapist and holistic therapist explains that when touching and stroking our skin, we release all the feel-good hormones which boost our mood. Choosing skincare products that are specific to your skin type which also have natural and clean scents is an integrated approach that positively affects your well-being.

Wildflower Skincare Lab invites you to hop on this trend of emotional beauty (if you haven’t already) by preparing your mind and body for slumber using the Notre Fleur Evening Cream. A Wilding favorite, this au naturel evening cream has a soft, floral fragrance that soothes the mind while working all night long to repair the skin.

Wildflower’s Delightfully Yours, Mind & Body Spray is a multifunctional perfume. It is an aromatherapeutic body spray that leaves you smelling good while transporting your mind to a floral garden. Its natural, minty fragrance comes from extracts such as neroli, frankincense, eucalyptus, peppermint, rose & rosemary. This spray can help to quiet anxiety or prepare the mind for a meditative state.

  1. Beauty Tech

Beauty and Technology have united to provide easier at-home services to beauty enthusiasts. With the advancement of technology comes an upgrade of beauty routines. One example of beauty tech is a radio frequency skin tightening device that is available for at-home use and can be bought online or in stores. Another example is Glam Squad, an on-demand beauty app that offers customers different services that can be booked online. This app is available in seven states in the USA and allows customers to book a hairdresser, nail technician or makeup professional to conduct the desired service at the customer’s chosen location.

Another example of the collusion between beauty and technology is the LED mask. It is an electric mask that uses light for skin repair or to achieve a radiant look. Dermatologist, Dr. Dennis Gross said, “think of the light as an ingredient. Like an active ingredient, it works via receptors in the skin cells, as retinol does, to stimulate more collagen and have a biological effect.” LED is safe for skin and eyes, “as none of the colors penetrate the eye,” says Dr Gross. (Gross, 2021)

  1. Microneedling

Microneedling is a form of collagen induction therapy (CIT) that involves puncturing the epidermis using tiny needles to stimulate the skin’s healing process. It induces the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin to produce a firmer, smoother appearance.

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment most performed on the face. However, this treatment can be performed on any desired part of the body. Its purpose is to improve the look and texture of skin, but oftentimes multiple treatments are needed to achieve desired results. This minimally invasive treatment goes deep in the skin and can improve the appearance of acne scars, enlarged pores, loose or wrinkled skin, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone. Microneedling can also treat medical conditions like alopecia areata and excessive sweating.

  1. Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening

Radio frequency skin tightening is a cosmetic procedure during which an electromagnetic device that generates heat to stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, and new skin cells. This is a nonsurgical procedure that temporarily lifts sagging skin and boosts the face underlying muscle structure.

According to Jenna Fletcher of Medical News Today, “the radiofrequency, typically around 450 kilohertz, converts to thermal energy and creates small “injuries” to the lower levels of the skin that prompt particular tissue repair and clotting. This, along with other changes, promotes skin tightening and the reduction of scars, wrinkles, and fat.” (Fletcher, 2023) She also said that this technique is safe for all skin types due to the minimal damage caused and minimal risk of skin discoloration. However, overexposure may cause burns.

An additional benefit of RF skin tightening is the shorter recovery time compared to more invasive surgical procedures. However, it is more effective on reducing the early signs of aging and less effective on persons with severely sagging skin.

Anyone who chooses to have this cosmetic procedure can purchase an FDA-approved device suitable for use at home. However, for best results, healthcare providers recommend having the procedure at a specialist’s office.