About The Wildflower Skincare Lab

We are an award-winning, trademarked Turks & Caicos indie brand with our top of the line in house formulations that we have spent years creating. We specialize in anti-aging, vegan, sustainable and organic products. We grow flowers organically, hand pick, clean and process their extracts on-island in our lab in Grace Bay. We include a locally grown flower extract in every one of our formulas.

In addition to our in-house brand, Wildflower Skincare Lab is a completely custom skincare facility. Our commercially trained and certified organic skincare formulator will meet with you and discuss how we can produce the perfect product for your skins needs. The scent, texture and feel, actives, botanicals, emulsifiers, preservative options… for a first time ever…you will be completely in charge of what is in your product. If you want to use ingredients from your own garden we will happily arrange a site visit with you and gently harvest your plants for their extracts. 

We manufacture extracts by steam distillation, solar infusion, macerations, enfleurage and glycerite formulation methods. We follow the manufacturing processes by the EU standard which is the highest regulatory body on the planet for skincare manufacturing procedures. We perform in house stability and microbial testing and can source a cosmetic safety product report for any product you would like. We hope you enjoy reading about our brand, ethos and products.


Meet the Team

Left to right.

Moesha Stewart - Chemist
Rosa Gargano - Founder & Formulator
Drew Scrymgeour - Director