Wymara Her Collection Body Wash

Wymara Spa Exclusive: Her Collection Body Wash

Indulge in Feminine Elegance and Natural Luxury: Embrace the enchanting essence of the Her Collection Body Wash, a beautifully crafted collaboration between Wildflower Skincare Lab and Wymara Spa. This exquisite body wash blends the alluring scents of Ylang Ylang, Bougainvillea, Fragonia, and Gardenia, creating a luxurious and nurturing bathing experience.

A Symphony of Sensual Floral Aromas: Our body wash features the romantic and intoxicating fragrance of Ylang Ylang, renowned for its mood-enhancing properties. The addition of Bougainvillea offers a subtle and sweet undertone, enriching the sensory experience.

Fragonia and Gardenia for Harmony and Grace: Fragonia, known for its balancing effects, pairs harmoniously with the lush, captivating aroma of Gardenia. This combination not only cleanses the skin but also provides a luxurious, spa-like aromatic journey, perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating.

Gentle and Nourishing Cleansing: Crafted for the utmost gentleness, this body wash cleanses the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Its rich, creamy lather leaves your skin feeling clean, soft, and beautifully scented, enhancing your daily shower ritual.

How to Enjoy Your Luxurious Bathing Experience: Apply to damp skin, lather, and rinse thoroughly. Its gentle formulation makes it suitable for all skin types and perfect for daily use.

Commitment to Natural and Sustainable Beauty: In line with the ethos of Wildflower Skincare Lab and the luxurious pampering of Wymara Spa, our body wash is formulated with natural ingredients, ensuring a kind and eco-friendly choice for your skincare routine.

Ingredients: Ylang Ylang, Bougainvillea, Fragonia, and Gardenia.

Usage Precautions: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Keep out of reach of children.

Step into a World of Feminine Splendor: The Her Collection Body Wash from Wildflower Skincare Lab and Wymara Spa offers a unique opportunity to indulge in a floral paradise, enveloping your senses in a world of feminine elegance and natural luxury.

Batch Code: HHNOV2023RMG533
Date of Expiry: November 16th 2024
Use within 6 months after opening.